Breastfeeding Counselling and Pre/Post-Natal Care

Pre-Natal Breastfeeding Consultation 1 hour 15 £75
Breastfeeding Consultation 45 minutes £50

A session firstly involves a discussion to gain a full history to date. The advice given addresses your particular concerns to then start working them out. There will then be time to put into practise the advice given and move on to any other queries that may arise.
Breastfeeding counselling and both pre and post-natal care is a way for you to gain professional advice about aspects of your baby’s care that you are unsure of or struggling with. Parenthood can at times be daunting and many parents find this support invaluable to get through the early months.

A pre birth appointment can be arranged to discuss aspects of planning for your baby and what to expect as one adjusts to parenthood.

The key to successful breastfeeding is to learn and understand how breastfeeding works physiologically and how to establish feeding when your baby arrives. These are one to one sessions but you are always welcome and encouraged to bring your partner along too. Sometimes these can be run as group workshops to learn these skills.

The primary goal is to support and give guidance on the following areas of newborn care:

  • All aspects of breastfeeding support including positioning, milk supply,  breast care and expressing.

  • Formula feeding when needed

  • Setting a flexible routine for your family life

  • Establishing good sleeping habits

  • Bathing/hygiene for your newborn

  • Following months including weaning

  • General troubleshooting


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