The Benefits of Baby Massage

Tips and advice on Baby Massage, from Surrey based experts at Oak Park Clinic.

Whether you’re due to give birth or you have recently had a baby, you may have heard of Baby Massage. This article has been created to teach you about Baby Massage, to understand whether this style of course is something you’d like to book on to, in the near future. 

What is Baby Massage? 
Baby Massage has been available to new parents around the world for several decades – and is typically booked as a bonding exercise for babies aged from around 8 weeks old until the age at which they can crawl. A 4-week Baby Massage Course teaches a new parents a variety of techniques to soothe their baby. An interactive hour for both of you, Baby Massage is also beneficial for bonding with your baby.  Relaxing and stimulating for your baby, Massage can provide relief for a variety of issues that may be making your baby feel uncomfortable, such as constipation, colic or wind.

Baby Massage Benefits for you and your Baby
Baby Massage provides a number of benefits for your baby, including…
– General relaxation
– Reducing crying and distress 
– Increasing body awareness 
– Helping your baby feel more at ease 

Whilst your baby is learning to feel more comfortable in the outside world, you will learn to understand and feel closer to your baby.  Baby Massage classes at Oak Park Clinic are held in our spacious and cosy studio.  Small group sizes give the opportunity of developing friendships and support with those who have babies of similar age, who may be experiencing similar issues or concerns.

What to bring to a Baby Massage Course? 
Baby Massage takes place on our studio’s underfloor heated wooden floor.  Mats are provided and you may wish to bring own towel, a soother, or a comfort blanket for your baby.  We suggest wearing comfortable clothes that you’re able to move around easily in as all of the interaction will take place on the floor.

Where do Baby Massage Courses take place at Oak Park Clinic? 

Our Clinic is located in Crondall in Surrey – just a few minutes from Farnham and Fleet. We offer complimentary parking in our Private driveway, and the course takes place in our spacious studio. We have space for you to change and feed your baby if required, and our relaxed approach ensures that you and your baby will be extremely comfortable for the duration of your Baby Massage Course, and any other treatments you may book with us in the future. 

Please call our Reception Team to register your interest in our next Baby Massage Course so that we can ensure you’re first on the list. Alternatively, click here to visit our dedicated Baby Massage Course Page on our website, to find out more and to book.