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Nicki Tottenham MSc Ost. mGOsC

Nicki qualified from the University College of Osteopathy with a masters degree. She has also completed their post-graduate paediatric diploma and is passionate about helping babies and children recover from musculoskeletal conditions, as well as working with adults to ease pain and help everyone live life to the full.

Prior to osteopathy Nicki spent a long time working in rehabilitative exercise and having a personal history of lower back pain from a young age she is a keen believer that we need to look after our bodies and seek the right help to do this.

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Osteopathy specialist in Farnham Surrey

Nicola Bayer M.Ost

Nicola is an accomplished and empathetic healthcare professional, bringing a dynamic and patient-focused approach to her practice. With a background as a competitive gymnast and trampoline gymnast, she seamlessly integrates her passion for helping others into her osteopathic techniques. Currently serving as a lecturer in osteopathic technique at the University College of Osteopathy, Nicola draws from her extensive experience to customise treatments for each individual.

Having honed her skills at the University College of Osteopathy, Nicola specialises in a diverse range of techniques, allowing her to tailor her interventions to the unique needs of her patients. Her expertise spans a wide demographic, and she adeptly employs thorough assessment methods to interpret findings, ensuring precise working diagnoses. Nicola is committed to executing safe and effective management plans for her patients, providing osteopathic manual therapy techniques with skill and care.

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Daniel Cullen Photo

Daniel Cullen PhD., BSc (Hons) Ost.

Daniel Cullen graduated in 2019 from the College of Osteopaths in London. He gained valuable experience working as a sports massage therapist during his osteopathy training. Daniel has also qualified in dry needling. He takes a holistic approach to osteopathy and considers each person as body, mind and spirit.

Daniel feels passionate about getting his patients back to doing what they love. His treatments take a structural approach using massage, stretching, joint mobilisation and manipulation techniques, tailoring the treatment to the individual.

Daniel was a competitive gymnast and represented the south west of England at national competition. He likes to stay fit and healthy and loves to surf in Cornwall.

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Mohamed Photo

Mohamed Al-Nabhani M.Ost

Mohamed graduated from the University of Swansea. His Osteopathic journey began years before his education whilst shadowing a local Osteopath renowned for their successful patient outcomes. This valuable experience provided him with insights into effective treatment approaches. In addition to shadowing the accomplished Osteopath. Mohamed also experienced a handful of sports injuries. These first-hand experiences further fuelled his dedication to understanding and addressing physical ailments, making him a practitioner with deep empathy for patients seeking relief from such pain.

He possesses a notable passion for understanding and addressing the complexities of both acute and chronic injuries. However, his expertise is not limited to specific conditions; rather, he is well-equipped to provide care for a broad spectrum of health ailments.

Mohamed utilises the most recent evidence as a guide when treating patients. His holistic approach is characterised by a comprehensive understanding of patient needs, encompassing not only the physical aspects but also the emotional. Furthermore, he recognises that pain is a multifaceted experience and is dedicated to providing safe and specific care to ensure your well-being and recovery.

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Bernie website

Bernadette Hughes

Bernadette is a qualified Sports, Remedial and Holistic Massage Therapist. After qualifying in Holistic Swedish Massage and Reflexology in 2008, Bernadette went on to do further training in pregnancy massage and reflexology followed by Indian Head Massage. Her passion for holistic therapies began whilst having reflexology and massage throughout her pregnancy to help with a number of health conditions.

With a keen interest in fitness, in particular running and boxing, Bernadette suffered a few sporting injuries over the years. From here she developed an interest in treating soft tissue injuries and went on to gain a BTEC Level 5 professional diploma in Sports and Remedial Massage and Sports Injuries and practices a number of techniques including Myofascial Release, Soft Tissue Release and Neuromuscular Technique.

Bernadette is now entering her 3rd year of Osteopathy training, continuing her career long commitment to professional and personal development.

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Sam McCarthy Photo 2

Sam McCarthy

Sam is a Level 5 Clinical Sports and Rehabilitation Therapist. He believes that our physical bodies must align with our mental goals in order to enjoy life to the fullest.

Sam will assess and diagnose injuries, develop tailored rehabilitation programmes, and provide hands-on treatment to facilitate recovery and restore function. He can use a wide range of soft tissue manipulation techniques, including sports massage. He is passionate about educating all active people regardless of experience and ability on injury prevention techniques and correct training methods to help achieve their goals.

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Massage therapist Crondall Surrey

Will Lane

Having trained across multiple therapeutic disciplines I combine skill sets in observation of movement and posture to diagnose and then identify the most suitable course of treatment.

I take an educative approach, explaining the reasons behind the work we will do together. Rehabilitation is a collaboration, and my intention is to empower your healing journey. One of the major factors in successful rehabilitation is to increase our awareness in movement and notice movement and postural patterns, we then have the choice to make effective change.

Treatments will include a variety of applications including sports massage, joint mobilisations, stretching, postural advice and conditioning exercises.

My background: 22 years therapeutic yoga teaching, Thai yoga massage, advanced sports massage, counselling skills, Clear Mind Institute – Mindfulness level 1, ex martial artist, ex Cycling Road Racer – still riding lots! Runner and lover of music – 30 years DJing. 

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Acupuncturist at Oak Park Clinic Crondall

Sing Sing Yu

Sing Sing Yu has practised Chinese Medicine since 2003. She  has a range of experience in different conditions – fertility & woman’s health, digestive, musculoskeletal injuries, pain, chronic conditions, stress and anxiety etc.

Sing Sing is registered with The Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine(ATCM) and worked at The Zhai Clinic in Harley Street for 6 years as well as clinics in London Bridge and Wimbledon.

Sing Sing’s approach tailors treatment to your needs and health goals. Each session is primarily a mixture of acupuncture and bodywork, while cupping, guasha, or moxibustion may be added if deemed necessary.

She is a very gentle practitioner, and can support those with needle phobias adapting treatment approaches as necessary. Sessions are fluid and Sing Sing will use more, or less needles, as required.

Sing Sing has extensive training and experience in both Traditional and Classical Chinese Medicine, including the use of Chinese Herbal medicine.  If indicated, herbs and remedies are available directly from her.  More information will be provided during your treatment if this is felt to be helpful.

Outside work, Sing Sing spends her time practicing Taichi and Qigong or walking her beautiful rescue dog Spirit – look out for Spirit at clinic, she is magnificent!

Sing Sing started Taichi when she was 14 and branched off in her 20s to do a range of sports and martial arts and has come full circle back to Taichi. She is currently a licensed instructor of I Liq Chuan (Martial Art of Awareness) as well as an instructor of the Taichi Union of Great Britain.

How are our sessions different?

Sing Sing does not place needles and leave the room to see other clients during your appointment time. preferring to utilise bodywork alongside acupuncture regularly in her sessions. The bodywork is very gentle, aimed at calming and relaxing, allowing the body to be more receptive to the needles.  By switching off responses triggered by our modern lifestyle, this gentle approach allows rest and recuperation during the treatment session.

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Occupational Therapy at Oak Park Clinic

Heather O'Malley

A highly experienced Occupational Therapist with over 25 years experience of work with physical health conditions.  Heather will provide holistic assessment of clients and their environments to identify barriers to independence.  Heather can help problem solve in any area of daily living including personal care, domestic tasks, leisure or working life.

Assessment includes physical, environmental, psychological social and emotional needs.

Following assessment Heather will work closely with clients, carers, and family members to prioritise problems and identify treatment goals and plans.

Heather can offer advice on environment and adaptions for the home including toileting, bathing, showering, seating, beds, grab rails, access points and indoor/outdoor mobility.

Heather can support individuals or clients who may be struggling with prevention of admission to hospital or residential settings, declining health at home, facilitating discharge from hospital or residential settings, or rehabilitation following a health event.

Heather is committed to providing a professional and timely service.  She is passionate and actively engaged in CPD (Continual Professional Development).

Heather is available to visit clients across South West Surrey and North East Hampshire, including Farnham, Guildford, Fleet, Odiham, Haslemere, Godalming, Basingstoke.

A complimentary 15 min. telephone consultation may be helpful to identify if OT will be helpful.  Please contact our friendly receptionists for more information, or by phone 01252 850 800.

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Amy Payment Practitioner Oak Park Clinic

Amy Pamment

Amy Pamment has been a qualified Nutritional Therapist for over 15 years. She provides friendly and professional nutritional advice addressing a wide range of health concerns using dietary changes, supplementation and functional testing.

Amy is also avid researcher and lecturer at The Institute of Optimum Nutrition (ION) in Richmond. She has previously worked in prestigious UK clinic’s specialising in fertility, women’s health, chronic fatigue syndrome and ME.

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Hannah Turner Oak Park Clinic Practitioner

Hannah Turner

Hannah qualified with a first-class Master’s Degree in Art Psychotherapy in 2013. 

Her psychodynamic training with a creative specialism has given her valuable experience in both adult mental health and community health.  Hannah initially worked within the NHS and later spent many years offering 1:1 and group therapy to children and adolescents in state and special education settings, as well as independent education. Over this time, she gained experience working with young people and adults in higher education, offering counselling to both students and staff. She has worked with families, parents and carers offering therapeutic support and coaching.

Hannah can provide both art therapy and talking sessions. She is an integrative therapist who adapts to what her client needs. She has experience of working with a psychodynamic approach, which is based on thinking about unconscious patterns of behaviour and emotions from past and present. Hannah takes a person-centred and humanistic approach. This means working with what the client brings to the session at the time and holding in mind who they are as an individual.

Hannah is a registered member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, the Health Care Professions Council, and the British Association of Art Therapists.

Hannah is available for an informal telephone chat prior to taking bookings.  This aims to ensure intervention with Hannah will be beneficial and gives an opportunity for questions or concerns to be discussed.

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Fiona website

Fiona Carle BSc Physiotherapy

Fiona graduated with a BSc in Physiotherapy from Glasgow Caledonian University in 1993. She moved to Surrey in 1994, and has worked in the NHS and the private sector, specialising in Musculoskeletal Injuries and Sports Injuries. She has worked with professional and amateur sports teams and at sporting events. In 2012, she undertook training with the Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute (APPI), and started teaching Modified Pilates Classes. She is a fully certified matwork instructor with APPI, a member of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) and is registered with the Health Care Professions Council (HCPC)

In addition to teaching and practising Pilates, Fiona enjoys running, cooking and spending time with her family.

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Brett Drinkwater Oak Park Clinic

Brett Drinkwater

Brett is a full time Tai Chi and Internal Arts teacher and Chinese medicine practitioner. He has been practising Tai Chi and related arts for 25 years, and has extensive teaching experience. A registered member and instructor with the Tai Chi Union of Great Britain (TCUGB), Brett practices and teaches the internal arts of Tai Chi Chuan (Taijiquan), Zhong Xin Dao (I Liq Chuan), Daoist Neigong, and Meditation, and founded Mountains & Rivers Tai Chi along with his wife Sing Sing.

Brett was introduced to Zen meditation in the late 90’s, and shortly afterwards discovered Tai Chi and the internal arts of China through the late John Llewellyn. With a degree in Anthropology supporting his study of traditional Chinese arts, Brett has travelled in both Asia and the West to spend time with teachers. He continued with studying Yang style Taichi with Wing Yan Yu, and Wu style Taichi and related neigong with Dr Matthew Brewer. Dr Brewer has been an invaluable guide, opening the door for deeper Daoist studies, cultivation and an appreciation for Chinese tea.

Following his teachers, the Daoist spiritual path has a large influence on his approach to Tai Chi, with Qigong (breath-work), Neigong (internal-work) and Meditation, playing a major role in his practice and teaching.

Outside work, Brett enjoys reading, old spy movies, and spending time outdoors or walking his rescue dogs Spirit and Dash – look out for Spirit at clinic, she is magnificent!

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YogaMila-732 resized

Laura Gould

I have been practicing yoga since 2000, and fell in love with it properly in 2007 at a studio in London. Immersing myself in the practice changed my life positively in so many ways; helping me with stress and anxiety, boosting my confidence, meeting some truly wonderful people, and led me to the path of teacher training in 2012. I completed my 200 hour training in 2013 and began teaching and working in the biggest yoga studio in Surrey alongside running my own independent classes and workshops. Blending my love of creativity with yoga, I ran regular workshops, collaborative day retreats and sessions with other wonderful practitioners in studios, private spaces, halls and online at home! 

Yoga truly is a special practice, and there is something for everyone. Breathing practices, meditation, the teachings of mindfulness and the asana we know and love on the mat. 

My classes are a creative blend of Hatha with flowing sequences, and I love to teach my classes with a smile and light hearted energy. I hope that you will join me on the mat to discover your own yoga practice and leave the class feeling rejuvenated and smiling from the inside out!