Living Better with Tai Chi; Movement Education & Rehabilitation

Join Brett Drinkwater for Tai Chi classes at Oak Park Clinic in Crondall every Wednesday evening…

Movement exploration and gentle exercises following Tai Chi movement principles. Classes emphasise natural movements to regain mobility, strength, improve balance, stability, aid pain management, reduce stress, calm the mind, and overall wellbeing. 

Tai Chi has been found to be very successful in helping to manage chronic conditions, pain and illness. Potential benefits include a reduction in pain medication while increasing your range of pain-free movement, while improving coordination and self-awareness. It has even helped some with returning to and improving capacity for standing and walking without the need of support.

Aside from taking time out of your busy week for ‘you’, Tai Chi comes with a host of health benefits that we’ve listed below…

Top 5 Health Benefits of Tai Chi 

Strengthen your muscles 
Improve your balance 
Reduce your stress
Increase your flexibility 
Improve your mobility

And, Tai Chi is for everyone. This low-impact activity is suitable for men and women of any age and Brett will support you personally throughout the duration of the class. 

To book on to one of our Wednesday evening Tai Chi classes which take place in our Studio with free parking, please follow the link below or speak to our Reception Team on 01252 850800