Tai Chi 太極 – Art of Harmony

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Tai Chi is an art of restoring harmony and wholeness. The art has been practiced for hundreds of years in China and is renowned for maintaining health and longevity. Today it is the healing aspect of Tai Chi that is most often emphasised. Tai Chi is suitable for everyone, is relatively simple to learn and requires no prior knowledge or experience.

Tai Chi has been found to be very successful in helping to manage chronic conditions, pain and illness. Classes emphasise relaxed natural movements with potential benefits including increased mobility, intrinsic strength, improve balance, stability, or overall wellbeing, support pain management, reduce stress, calm the mind.

Brett and Sing Sing have been involved in Tai Chi, Daoism, and related arts for decades, and have been teaching for 20 years.

Tai Chi Weekly Class – Wednesdays 6pm to 7pm

These are pay as you go weekly classes.

Originating from the famous Hua Mountain, Tai Chi Internal Practice is a healing art that was once a closely guarded treasure that has now been opened to the public.

Internal Practice (Neigong) is considered the ‘essence’ of the art of Tai Chi. A highly pragmatic and modular set of 18 exercises that develops the natural qualities of the Body and Mind through various fundamental static and moving exercises.

The class leads participants into dynamic relaxation, and the fundamental 5 exercises that the rest of the set builds upon. The exercises and movements taught within this class explore alignment and structure, relaxation, breathing, walking, energy, and stillness while improving posture, balance, circulation, stability, movement and intrinsic strength.

Join us every Wednesday evening from 6pm in Oak Park Clinic’s Studio. Please pre-book your space below.

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