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Sports Therapists are degree level clinicians who specialise in all things to do with the moving body, whether that be pain, limitation or dysfunction caused by postural or biomechanical imbalance or injury, and more often than not it isn’t directly related to sport as the name would suggest!

Sports Therapy is a multidisciplinary approach, taking influences from physiotherapy, biomechanics, and sports science in identifying and addressing a wide array of musculoskeletal issues. If you are suffering with a bad back/shoulder/knee/hip or want to improve performance, a Sports Therapist and musculoskeletal Physiotherapist will approach the issues in similar ways. 

Sports Therapists will assess and diagnose injuries, develop tailored rehabilitation programmes, and provide hands-on soft tissue and joint manipulation to facilitate recovery and restore function. The aim of Sports Therapy is to help individuals return to their day to day activities safely and efficiently.

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